Affiliate Marketing Tutorial | Get Your TEARcloud Affiliate Link

///Affiliate Marketing Tutorial | Get Your TEARcloud Affiliate Link

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial | Get Your TEARcloud Affiliate Link

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Affiliate Network:
Enter ViceOffers to promote

Watch this affiliate marketing tutorials to learn how you can now promote TEARcloud. Earn 15% recurring revshare from all purchases. Every Time one of your clients purchases a new plan in TEARcloud you will collect commission. You will collect this recurring commission every month, for as long as the user is subscribed.

To get your affiliate tracking link create an account at ViceOffers is the official affiliate network promoting TEARcloud. You will be instantly approved and can now get your affiliate tracking link. Click on Offers in the left tab and you will find the TEARcloud offer listed here. Click on it and scroll down to get your tracking link.

For additional tracking options you can add subids to organize your traffic sources.

Add the & symbol between your additional parameters (facebook ad 1)


You can now spread this tracking link by emailing, forum posting, social media posts, facebook ads, google or bing ads. There’s many ways to promote TEARcloud, a great place to start is by telling your friends about email marketing to grow their business.

When someone clicks your link a lifetime cookie is placed so if that user ever decides to sign up to one of TEARclouds services anytime in the future the conversion and earnings will show in your ViceOffers account.

ViceOffers sends payouts weekly so you’re never waiting for your money!

How about a tip?!
Using link shortners such as or is necessary when promoting your tracking links on social media or when email marketing.

Just got to, enter your tracking link, and it generates you a shortened link. You can now send this link to your clients.
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