ArrayList in Java Tutorial

ArrayList in Java Tutorial

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This is the exact code to write an ArrayList in Java! ✅This is an ArrayList in java with examples.


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ArrayList fruitList = new ArrayList();

This is how you create your ArrayList. Now, you can type fruitList.add(), fruitList.get(), fruitList.clear(), fruitList.remove() and much more!

THESE are the main differences between the ArrayList data structure and the Array data structure. You can easily, add, remove and modify ArrayLists, but it’s much harder with Arrays. That’s the big difference between Arrays and ArrayLists in Java.

This ArrayList can be trick at first… But SURELY you’ll get it 🙂 If you followed along, congrats! You learned-by-doing!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to use ArrayList in Java! I like to have a nice mix of tutorials and actual projects for you all 🙂

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What are you using ArrayLists in Java for?


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