Bitcoin Bottom Formation Trading Strategy – Bitcoin Trading Tutorial

///Bitcoin Bottom Formation Trading Strategy – Bitcoin Trading Tutorial

Bitcoin Bottom Formation Trading Strategy – Bitcoin Trading Tutorial

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This trading vlog should not be used as trading advice as I make and change many of my trading plans without making videos!

The purpose of this bitcoin trading tutorial is so that I can return to important dates and times in the trading to see what I was thinking at the time – so I can learn from my trading mistakes and so that I can learn from my trading successes.

Instead of viewing my commentary on the price of bitcoin as a trading plan, seek to understand the principles behind 1-2-3 bottom formations – and the importance of Rule #1 and Rule #2… then you can look at the chart patterns and make choices based on your own understanding.

This is a bitcoin trading tutorial video intended for my future self – gives more detail on how I follow a down trending market and how I watch for 1-2-3 bottoms, with an example trade that demonstrates how Rule #1 works to protect against bigger losses.

Thanks for watching this bitcoin trading tutorial. Good luck with your bitcoin trading!

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  3. logans run June 26, 2017 at 11:01 pm - Reply

    Don’t take my enthusiasm for foolishness, I’m playing around with a few dollars no more…I’m no fool.. I got into bitcoin very early and enjoy this mad ride we are all experiencing in this social experiment…trading is just another learning curve for me,I’d never get into it like others,I just find the concept of lending out bitcoin for a small return intriguing..but will see how you get on first.

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