CapriPay Cryptocurrency Payment System Voucher Invite Tutorial

///CapriPay Cryptocurrency Payment System Voucher Invite Tutorial

CapriPay Cryptocurrency Payment System Voucher Invite Tutorial

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Congrats… Here’s Your First Capricoin!

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Congrats on checking out our app and getting your first Capricoin! Even just this one coin could be worth as much as a bitcoin someday (which is around $450 a coin today).

You should check out the business opportunity behind the solution we are providing! We have an incredibly lucrative opportunity here with the incredible innovations we are bringing to the cryptocurrency industry with the ‘instant’ transaction, ‘pay by cash’ with capricoin, and more groundbreaking features to come.

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Lets talk on Facebook about it, I’m here to answer your questions if it’s something that is of interest to you! We can also try sending a coin back and forth so you can get a feel for how the app works!


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