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Python Tutorial – 16. Exception Handling

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Video without background music: This python video will educate us about exception handling. The concepts included in this video is regarding what is exception, types of exception, how to handle an exception and how to figure out the type of exception. Topics that are covered in this Python Video: 0:12 what are the exception 1:28 [...]

Python Tutorial – 10. Functions

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In today’s session, we will talk about “functions” in python. The video will explain the introduction of “functions”, why “functions” are needed, encapsulate code in a function, default arguments, the difference between “local and global variables” and “document strings”. Topics that are covered in this Python Video: 0:16 Functions introduction 1:14 why functions are needed [...]

Python Tutorial: Decorators – Dynamically Alter The Functionality Of Your Functions

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In this Python tutorial, we will be learning about decorators. Decorators are a way to dynamically alter the functionality of your functions. So for example, if you wanted to log information when a function is run, you could use a decorator to add this functionality without modifying the source code of your original function. So [...]

Python Tutorial for Beginners 12 – Python IF…ELIF…ELSE Statements + nested IF statements

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In this Video I am going to show How to use Python IF...ELIF...ELSE Statements and nested IF statements in python. In python One conditional can also be nested within another. The if statement evaluates a Boolean condition, and if it is True, performs the indented statements(or a block or code); but if the test is [...]

OpenCV Python Tutorial For Beginners 39 – How to Use Background Subtraction Methods in OpenCV

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code - In this video on OpenCV Python Tutorial For Beginners, we are going to see How to Use Background Subtraction Methods in OpenCV. Corner detection with Harris Corner Detection method using OpenCV and python is very easy. Shi Tomasi Corner Detector is the modification of Harris Corner Detection. OpenCV is an image processing library [...]