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Set in Python | Python Tutorial 39 | Data Structures|Complete Python: from Zero to Hero |

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Set in Python is a data structure equivalent to sets in mathematics. It may consist of various elements; the order of elements in a set is undefined. You can add and delete elements of a set, you can iterate the elements of the set, you can perform standard operations on sets (union, intersection, difference). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [...]

Python In 2020 | What's New in Python? | Python Tutorial For Beginners | Python Training | Edureka

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🔥Edureka's Python Certification Training: This Edureka video on 'Python in 2020' will help you understand python trends around the globe in 2020 along with the skills to master to get a job in 2020. Following are the topics discussed in this Python Tutorial: What is Python? Journey Of Python Company Trends Jobs and Salary Trends [...]

Python Tutorial: Docstrings

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Want to learn more? Take the full course at at your own pace. More than a video, you'll learn hands-on coding & quickly apply skills to your daily work. --- Hi. My name is Shayne Miel. You've probably spent a lot of time using functions that someone else wrote. In this course, you'll learn how [...]

Machine Learning Tutorial Python -1: What is Machine Learning?

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Introduction on machine learning to begin machine learning with python tutorial series. This video describes what is machine learning, deep learning, machine learning application in real life. In next tutorial we will start writing python code to solve a simple problem using machine learning To download csv and code for all tutorials: go to click [...]