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OpenCV Python TUTORIAL #4 for Face Recognition and Identification

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OpenCV with Python Series #4 : How to use OpenCV in Python for Face Recognition and Identification Sections Welcome (0:00:00) Copy Haar Cascades (0:04:27) Haar Cascades Classifier (0:07:11) Using the Face Classifier (0:09:36) Draw a Rectangle in OpenCV (0:16:15) Recognizer (0:20:13) os.walk for image finding (0:23:25) Labels from directories (0:27:45) Training image into a numpy [...]

Python Tutorial for Beginners 53 – How to use Pip and PyPI for managing Python packages

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In this Python Programming Tutorial for Beginners video I am going to show you How to use Pip and PyPI (Python Package Index) for installing and managing Python packages. So What Is PIP for Python? The pip is a command line tool for installing and managing Python packages, which a generally available in the Python [...]

Exceptions in Python || Python Tutorial || Learn Python Programming

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Exceptions allow you to write code which may not work, and then handle the successful and failed cases separately. The four clauses in Python Exception handling are try, except, else, and finally. These give you the ability to handle an error (except), a success (else), or either (finally). Today we introduce the most common types [...]

Python Voice Assistant Tutorial #9 – Waking the Assistant

By |2019-10-11T23:19:19+00:00October 11th, 2019|Python Video Tutorials|

In this python voice assistant tutorial I will cover how we can create a wake keyword for our assistant. This word will allow us to trigger the assistant. Something like "hey tim". Text-Based Tutorial: ***** Enroll in The Fundamentals of Programming w/ Python Instagram: Website Twitter: Discord: GitHub: Podcast: One-Time Donations: Patreon: **** Please leave [...]

Python Tutorial for Beginners

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Introduction to Python in Hindi | Part 1 | Python Tutorial For Beginners Series #1

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#python #pythoninhindi #pythonforbeginners #lmt This series is completely for beginners we have made this python tutorial assuming you dont have any knowledge of programming and your starting from scratch Introduction to Python: Basics of Python : Lists Basic in Python : Assignment Operator in Python : If - Else Statement : For Loops in Python [...]