How To Draw Fibonacci In Easy Way! ✫Forex Trading

///How To Draw Fibonacci In Easy Way! ✫Forex Trading

How To Draw Fibonacci In Easy Way! ✫Forex Trading

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Fibonacci retracement lines are based on the Fibonacci Sequence and are considered a “predictive” technical indicator providing feedback on possible future. Watch this video and learn more. More premium tutorial video at

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    How To Display Price On Fibonacci Retracement Tool:

    1.Draw your fib to the chart ( for example from the top to
    the bottom )

    2.Double click on the "Common Line" ( connect levels from top to bottom, for example )

    3.Right click on the selected Fibonacci Retracement + Properties.

    4.Select "Fibo levels" from menu.

    5.At "Description" add near the levels "= %$" (you can put 2 x space before that = to see it more clear)

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