Java Tutorial For Beginners | What is Java | Why Java | Where Java is Used

///Java Tutorial For Beginners | What is Java | Why Java | Where Java is Used

Java Tutorial For Beginners | What is Java | Why Java | Where Java is Used

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Java is a programming language and computing platform for developing application software that can run on any device. It is used in wide variety of platforms, from the game consoles, laptops, and mobile phones to databases, enterprise, and scientific supercomputers. The search for “Java” like language started in 1990 when there was a need for a portable code which can run on any device. James Gosling developed Java in 1995. Java is now a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation. Today, Java is used in almost everywhere. The reasons are plenty.


Below are some of the advantages of using Java:
1. Java is simple and easy to read language.
2. Well-defined libraries created through modifications from the existing C libraries.
3. Used in top mobile OS, for example, Andriod uses Java for coding.
4. Provides strong networking infrastructure for server-side computing.
5. Purely object-oriented language.
6. Distributed, interpreted, robust and secure.
7. Portable because you can write it once and run it everywhere.
8. Platform independent.

To gain in-depth knowledge and to become expert in advanced Java, visit:

The Advanced Java online course enables students and professionals to comprehend basic terminologies of Advanced Java such as JDBC, Hibernate Query Language(HQL), JSP’s Servlets, and many more, and get acquainted with frameworks like Hibernate and Spring. The Advanced Java course will also familiarize you with SOA and web services.

By the end of this Advanced Java online training course, you will be able to accomplish the following:

1. Understand servlet fundamentals like J2EE, HTTP Protocol, HTML, 2. etc. in detail
3. Use parse XML files using DOM and SAX in Java
4. Implement JDBC to communicate with Database
5. Create a JSP by following the directives, and run an application
6. Learn Hibernate Query Language (HQL) and its exciting features
7. Map relationships with Hibernate
8. Grasp fundamental Spring concepts
9. Learn how to configure AOP in a Java application
10. Dive deeply into SOA Architecture
11. Design a SOAP based web service

The Advanced Java online course is best suited for students and developers who have a prior understanding of Core Java concepts.

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