Python Tutorial 37: Asynchronous

Python Tutorial 37: Asynchronous

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In this video, you will learn how to use asynchronous in Python. We will first go over what asynchronous is. Then we will write a program that grabs data from websites. After that, we will run the program synchronously and finally asynchronously.

This is the 37th video in a series of Python Tutorials. This course will teach you how to go from beginner to independent programmer. If you like this video make sure to subscribe and ring the bell so that you’ll be up to date with the latest Python material!

0:00 Welcome
0:12 What is Asynchronous
0:49 Getting Website Information
2:29 Open Websites Synchronously
4:19 Open Websites Asynchronously

Link to GitHub Repository (The code is posted here):
Link to Discord Server:


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    thank you so much bro , it was really really important information

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    Awesome video man, and congrats on 100 subscribers! Keep going!

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