Quora Ads and Affiliate Marketing (Complete Step-By-Step Tutorial)

///Quora Ads and Affiliate Marketing (Complete Step-By-Step Tutorial)

Quora Ads and Affiliate Marketing (Complete Step-By-Step Tutorial)

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Watch behind my shoulder as I teach you how to do affiliate marketing using Quora Ads.

I am using ClickBank as the example network and product here, but you can use ANY product and the same idea will apply and same steps as I cover in the tutorial.

We have to take some steps and they are:

0:00 – Introduction
1:44 – Create a Quora Ads account + important note
7:27 – Select a product (ClickBank in our example)
11:05 – Create a landing page & thank you page
47:38 – Set up conversion tracking
53:38 – Set up an autoresponder
1:07:10 – Promote our landing page using Quora Ads

Let’s quickly go through them step by step and see what we have to do.

Step 1: Create a Quora Ads account

In order to run Quora ads, you have to create a regular Quora account.

πŸ‘‰ Simply sign up for an account at:

You should then be able to answer and ask any questions you want to. Feel free to do so now, but to create the Quora ads account, you have to click on the little profile picture in the top right and click on “Create Ads”.

Follow the simple prompts by entering your business name and so on, and you should arrive at the main Quora ads interface!

πŸ‘‰ Make sure to also read their affiliate terms and conditions:

Let’s move on to the next step in this Quora Ads and affiliate marketing tutorial.

Step 2: Select a product

πŸ‘‰ In our case, we are promoting a ClickBank product, so just head over to clickbank.com to sign up.

Make sure to fill in the details correctly – ClickBank has some triggers that can put a block on your account if the information isn’t accurate.

Then just head over to the marketplace and select a product – in our case we are promoting EZ Battery Reconditioning.

For Quora Ads, make sure to stay away from any health and wealth offers with unrealistic claims as well as any pills or supplements.

Step 3: Create a landing page & thank you page

Next, we have to create our landing page. You can use any page builder you like, but I use Unbounce for their dynamic text replacement capability and flexibility in editing.

πŸ‘‰ Free Unbounce 14-day trial + 20% off first 3 months:

I spend some time building out the landing page and thank you page, but it’s generally pretty simple.

Just check out my Unbounce playlist if you want more information about specific component of building out a page, such as adding a favicon or setting up a custom domain:

πŸ‘‰ Unbounce playlist:

We would need to then make sure that the landing page button is taking us to the thank you page, and that the thank you page is taking users to the affiliate offer.

Step 4: Set up conversion tracking

Tracking isn’t easy for an affiliate, especially when using Quora ads (since there is no affiliate network + Quora Ads integration).

However it is absolutely necessary because when you’re doing affiliate marketing, ultimately you are paying for sales, not for clicks or impressions…

I use a very specific tracking tool (ClickMagick) that allows me to track any affiliate product.

πŸ‘‰ Free ClickMagick 14-day trial:

To learn how to track ClickBank sales using ClickMagick, you would want to check out this video:

πŸ‘‰ ClickBank + ClickMagick sales tracking setup:

Step 5: Set up an autoresponder

An autoresponder allows you to gather your most valuable asset (your email list/audience) while paying for traffic or reaping the results of time spent and hard work of SEO.

You can use any autoresponder you like, but I use GetResponse and it hasn’t disappointed me yet.

πŸ‘‰ Free GetResponse 30-day trial:

We simply grab the API key from GetResponse and plug it into Unbounce and voila – we have now set up the email automation as well with our Unbounce landing page.

πŸ‘‰ How to integrate GetResponse + Unbounce:

πŸ‘‰ For more GetResponse tutorials, check out my playlist here:

Step 6: Promote on Quora Ads

Finally, the fun part. We are now ready to create our ads and promote on Quora.

I don’t spend too much time going over every little detail, but I do go over everything you do need to create your campaign.

I do cover everything you have to know about Quora ads including remarketing, tracking pixels, and lead generation campaigns in this video however:

πŸ‘‰ Complete Quora Ads training video:

But you would simply click some buttons, fill in the blanks, and have your campaign up and running in no time!

And that’s how you do affiliate marketing using Quora Ads!

πŸ‘‰ My paid ad network courses:

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