SEO Tutorial for beginners | WordPress

///SEO Tutorial for beginners | WordPress

SEO Tutorial for beginners | WordPress

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Learn how to optimize your website for the search engines. I give you the best of my knowlegde and show you how to optimize your website!

This tutorial contains:
00:26 What Is SEO?
01:15 The importance of your domainname
01:58 The Title of your Page or Post
05:43 The importance of a good image title
07:23 The use of title tags h1 h2 h3 etc.

Life example of SEO in a new post
08:30 Short Keyword Research / Suggestions
09:42 Create a new WordPress blogpost
11:22 Ways to optimize your blogpost
12:41 Add images to your blogpost and optimze the images.
15:12 Add h1 tags
15:30 Add internal links

Yoast SEO
20:14 Install Yoast
20:45 Optimize blogpost for Google
21:31 Change Title Template
23:08 Meta discription
24:40 Choose Focus Keyword
26:26 Adjust blogpost to Focus Keyword

27:50 Facebook metadata
38:33 Follow or no Follow

28:48 Finals Words About SEO
29:15 SEOcial

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