SEO Tutorials 2017 Urdu/Hindi Part 5 of 100

///SEO Tutorials 2017 Urdu/Hindi Part 5 of 100

SEO Tutorials 2017 Urdu/Hindi Part 5 of 100

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The complete SEO course/training in Urdu & Hindi. Learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization from this tutorials series in Urdu/Hindi, you’ll learn every SEO component step by step with practical examples. And this is a free course.

This course was initially created in 2015, but almost every tutorial is useful and relevant today in the SEO world, because most of the course teaches the basic components of the Search Engine Optimization. Meanwhile, many updated lectures will be added to this course in the last section, so that you can learn most of the things from this course.

Note: the title of the course is not misleading, as all the lectures I’ll be uploading to this course are still useful and relevant in 2017 & beyond.

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  1. abu naseer June 9, 2017 at 2:09 am - Reply

    Ma sha Allah very nice
    Allah ap ko apne amman mi rakhin .awr Allah as ke ajar khod atta kar din .q k insan as ke ajar dine se qaser hi . jo kuch ap bata rahe ho Mine ap ke Excel program se bhot kuch seika . jo ab mire bachon ke raziq ke zaria Allah ne bnaya .Allah ap ko awr alam atta far mayin.

  2. Muhammad Rehan June 9, 2017 at 2:24 am - Reply

    we proud of you. sir muhje off-page k kuch techniques ate hain. aur baqe seo mere improve nahe hote hai. q k muhje english language nahe ate hai. seo k ly English lazmi hai.

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