sharp glowing text effect | photoshop text tutorials

///sharp glowing text effect | photoshop text tutorials

sharp glowing text effect | photoshop text tutorials

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This text effects tutorial is pretty simple and beginners can also follow this.

Now, first of all i have used a font that is not inside photoshop, you will have to download it and you cant get it from link below. And if you do create any text effect after watching this video, share it on our facebook page.

First of all we will start by creating a new document and then type whatever you want, then duplicate the text and change the colors and do it twice so that text looks thick and give illusion of depth without using 3d and its fast too.

Then i will show you a method to create a ground for your text because only text dosent look good, it needs to stand somewhere or float somewhere but it has to do something. And creating a ground is really simple thing it dose not even take very long time.

After that we will make text look shiny just by using a white round brush and a blending mode and in this part there are gonna be a lot of groups so it might get a little confusing, so in that case watch it again and you ll get it. And using the same method we will create shiny borders too.

Adding the fog is also very important part of this video and you can do it just by using a single file and a blending mode, and by using it properly you can create great mood for your over all image and then some adjustment layer so we can colorgread this text and make look even more funky and cool.

one advise would be that use opacity a lot in following this tutorial because when you use a lot of copy of mask , the image might look too much bright so you can control that by using opacity.

So, I hope you learned something from this photoshop tutorial and as always if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments, and have some fun with photoshop 🙂

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    Crtl + G to group not J

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    hey i cant find the render cloud optoin. im using photoshop cs6, what can i do?

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    That was awesome. I learned more in the last half hour than i did after hours of looking through other YouTube videos. 

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    When i click filter and then render and then you want me to create clouds
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    Lens flare
    Lightnings effects

    What shall i do?

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    Exactly what i was looking for thanks m8

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    I’m lost. I followed this tutorial exactly however my problem is the part where we make the image look faded, when I try to add the white dot the fade overlaps it

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