Spark Java Tutorial | Apache Spark for Java Developers | Spark Certification Training | Edureka

///Spark Java Tutorial | Apache Spark for Java Developers | Spark Certification Training | Edureka

Spark Java Tutorial | Apache Spark for Java Developers | Spark Certification Training | Edureka

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*** Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training- ***
This Edureka video on “Spark Java Tutorial” will provide you detailed knowledge of Spark in the Java environment. You will learn practical examples of Spark in Java language by understanding and executing all the basic operations of Spark in Eclipse IDE. The following topics are covered in this video:


1:25 What is Spark with Java?
2:33 Set Spark with Java Environment
7:55 Examples in Spark-Java
12:55 Students Performance in Exams : UseCase

*** Big Data Podcast – ***

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About the course

Apache Spark Certification Training Course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to become a successful Big Data & Spark Developer. This Training would help you to clear the CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer (CCA175) Examination.

You will understand the basics of Big Data and Hadoop. You will learn how Spark enables in-memory data processing and runs much faster than Hadoop MapReduce. You will also learn about RDDs, DataFrames, Spark SQL for structured processing, different APIs offered by Spark such as Spark Streaming, Spark MLlib. This course is an integral part of a Big Data Developer’s Career path. It will also encompass the fundamental concepts such as data capturing using Flume, data loading using Sqoop, a messaging system like Kafka, etc.

Why should you go for Online Spark Training?

Spark is one of the most growing and widely used tools for Big Data & Analytics. It has been adopted by multiple companies falling into various domains around the globe and therefore, offers promising career opportunities. In order to take part in this kind of opportunities, you need a structured training that is aligned as per Cloudera Hadoop and Spark Developer Certification (CCA175) and current industry requirements and best practices.

Besides strong theoretical understanding, it is quite essential to have a strong hands-on experience. Hence, during the Edureka’s Spark and Scala course, you will be working on various industry-based use-cases and projects incorporating big data and spark tools as a part of the solution strategy.

Additionally, all your doubts will be addressed by the industry professional, currently working on real-life big data and analytics projects.

What are the skills that you will be learning with our Spark Certification Training?

The Edureka’s Spark Training is designed to help you become a successful Spark developer. During this course, our expert instructors will train you to-
Write Scala Programs to build Spark Application
Master the concepts of HDFS
Understand Hadoop 2.x Architecture
Understand Spark and its Ecosystem
Implement Spark operations on Spark Shell
Implement Spark applications on YARN (Hadoop)
Write Spark Applications using Spark RDD concepts
Learn data ingestion using Sqoop
Perform SQL queries using Spark SQL
Implement various machine learning algorithms in Spark MLlib API and Clustering
Explain Kafka and its components
Understand Flume and its components
Integrate Kafka with real-time streaming systems like Flume
Use Kafka to produce and consume messages
Build a Spark Streaming Application
Process Multiple Batches in Spark Streaming
Implement different streaming data sources

Who should go for our Spark Training Course?

The market for Big Data Analytics is growing tremendously across the world and such a strong growth pattern followed by market demand is a great opportunity for all IT Professionals. Here are a few Professional IT groups, who are continuously enjoying the benefits and perks of moving into the Big-Data domain.
Developers and Architects
BI /ETL/DW Professionals
Senior IT Professionals
Testing Professionals
Mainframe Professionals
Big Data Enthusiasts
Software Architects, Engineers, and Developers
Data Scientists and Analytics Professionals

For more information, Please write back to us at or call us at:
IND: 9606058406 / US: 18338555775 (toll free)


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