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Learn Java Tutorial for Beginners, Part 27: Encapsulation and the API Docs

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More courses! Free C++ course: Make a social network with Spring Boot: Learn about MySQL and relational databases: Java desktop programming: Intermediate-Advanced C++ 11: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a tutorial on the OO concept of encapsulation; why we use the public, private and protected keywords. I'll also explain a bit about how to read API documentation [...]

Java Encapsulation with Example – Java Programming Tutorial

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This tutorial explain you the principle of Encapsulation in Object Oriented Programming. What is Encapsulation in Java? Encapsulation is a principle of wrapping data (variables) and code together as a single unit. Like, share and subscribe our channel for more videos. Watch more videos on our YouTube channel at READ this as a book on [...]

Waht is OOPs? Java Programming Tutorial

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this tutorial looks into the Evolution of Programming Languages over the years and explains the fundamentals of Unstructured, Structured and Object Oriented Programming concept. What is OOPS? Object Oriented Programming is a programming concept that works on the principle that objects are the most important part of your program. This video will explain Core OOPS [...]

#6.6 Java Tutorial | Encapsulation

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Practical implementation of Encapsulation in Java In this video we will see - Example of Encapsulation - What is Encapsulation - Why we need Encapsulation - Object characteristics - Object knows something with variable - Object does something with method - Getters and Setters - Setting value and fetching value - Running the code - [...]