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Don't learn to program in 2021!

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Don't learn to program in 2021. Learn to problem solve instead. ►Subscribe to my YouTube Channel WANT TO LEARN PYTHON? Try my courses: How to Learn Data Science for Free. My YouTube video: Free book for Statistical Learning (One of the best I have found) Introduction to Statistical Learning source

The Ultimate Smartphone Course | Python Tutorial For Smartphone | Python Programming | 2021|

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The Ultimate Smartphone Course | Python Tutorial For Smartphone | Python Programming | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Key Takeaways: - Websites: - 1. Coursera: - coursera.org 2. Python for Everybody: - 3. Udemy Complete Python 2021: - // "UDEMY KI COURSES USUALLY APKO 400-500 ME MIL JAEGI VIDEO SHOOT KARTE TIME YE HIGH PRICE ME THI AAP REFRESH [...]

Automate TINDER with Python tutorial

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Hope you got something out of this, and it was at least entertaining. If not, at least it was short ;) Built with Python, Selenium, and Google Chrome. We use web scraping patterns + a finite state machine. Here's the code: Fork, add some features, and @ me Also if you ever get the "can't [...]

Python tutorial for ABSOLUTE Beginners! Python Installation – Episode 1

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Python Tutorial for ABSOLUTE Beginners Series Welcome to my Python tutorial for ABSOLUTE Beginners Series. This Series is going to be MASSIVE content for you for FREE with access to different kinds of EXERCISES that will be uploaded to my website RIGHT AFTER each of my uploads! Please comment on any question you have below [...]

Control Statement – if else in java – Java tutorial Beginner to advance Part – 07 – A to Z Java Tut

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Best Youtube Channel for Programming and Coding tutorial #wemakecoders come with an idea to make you learn, latest and most using programming language. Learn and Grow Learn programming language #java #javatutorial Java Tutorial - Beginner to advance - Part 07 - Control Statements - If else in java Source Code : Control Statements – if, [...]

Python tutorial: How to build an API

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Python is one of the most popular programming languages nowadays, which lots of people find useful to learn. In this video, I’m going to create a simple REST API with Flask and FlaskRESTful, step by step. Python: Postman: The written version of this tutorial is available at Links: Website: Blog: Facebook: Facebook group: Twitter: Instagram: [...]