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Microservices Full Course – Learn Microservices in 4 Hours | Microservices Tutorial | Edureka

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( Microservices Architecture Training: ) This Edureka Microservices Full Course video will help you learn Microservices from scratch with examples. This Microservices Tutorial is ideal for both beginners as well as professionals who want to master the Microservices Architecture. Below are the topics covered in this Microservices Tutorial for Beginners video: 00:00 Agenda 1:39 Introduction [...]

What are microservices really all about? – Microservices Basics Tutorial

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Introduction to Microservices There's a lot of buzz about microservices these days. In this video, get a basic introduction to microservices explained! Learn what microservices are really all about. But rather than list out architectural concepts, let' me tell you a story about microservices that you need to know! Java Brains website: #JavaBrains #BrainBytes #WhatIs [...]