What is Unit Testing? | Unit Testing in Java | Software Testing Tutorial | Edureka

///What is Unit Testing? | Unit Testing in Java | Software Testing Tutorial | Edureka

What is Unit Testing? | Unit Testing in Java | Software Testing Tutorial | Edureka

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This Edureka video on “What is Unit Testing?” will help you get in-depth knowledge on unit testing and why it is important to perform unit tests before moving on to the next level of testing.


Levels of Software Testing
What is UnitTesting?
Unit Testing Algorithm
Benefits of Unit Testing
Demo: Writing a Simple Unit Test
Best Unit Testing Frameworks

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Software Testing Blog playlist:
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About the Course

Edureka’s Test Automation Masters online training is designed to help you achieve success in optimizing your test automation strategies and methodology. You will learn how to perform software testing in all phases of the software life cycle, and automation of any web-based application using Selenium. This program includes training on continuous testing in DevOps, performance testing using JMeter, and mobile app testing using Appium. It also offers programming courses such as Python Scripting, Ruby on Rails, Ruby with Cucumber, SQL essentials, and Java essential. During this course, our expert DevOps instructors will help you:

1. Learn software testing and understand different types of testing
2. Learn about different test design techniques used to test software, test execution, and analysis of the test outcome
3. Gain insight into the evolution of Selenium, get an overview of Selenium 3.3 and its components
4. Understand the importance of DevOps in Test Automation
5. Learn concepts like XPath Functions, TestNG Framework
6. Grasp concepts like Page Object Model and Page Factory
7. Understand how to implement continuous testing using Selenium
8. Learn how to perform continuous integration with Jenkins by building and automating test cases using Maven
9. Understand how to perform Performance Testing, Stress & Load Testing using JMeter
10. Learn how to integrate Selenium Webdriver with Apache JMeter
11. Learn different approaches of mobile testing
12. Understand how to use Appium to automate the application management actions, automate the gestures and offer network management and performance analysis

Along with the above-mentioned topics, you will also get additional courses on CI/CD in DevOps, Jira, Java basics, version control with Git, and third-party tools such as Jenkins, AutoIT, Sikuli and Maven.

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Who should go for this course?

Test Automation candidates are among the highest paid IT professionals today, and the market demand for them is growing rapidly. With the emergence of new job roles around Test Automation philosophy, anyone aspiring to get into these new roles can take up this Test Automation course. Some of these roles are:

1. Software Test Engineer
2. Automation Test Specialist
3. Developer/Tester
4. Testing Engineer
5. Quality Assurance Engineer
6. Automation Tester
7. Automation Engineer

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    Y test engineer need to check piece of code?do test engineer will do unit testing?

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