WordPress Blog Tutorial For Beginners 2017

///WordPress Blog Tutorial For Beginners 2017

WordPress Blog Tutorial For Beginners 2017

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WordPress Blog Tutorial For Beginners 2017 | Hosting Discount Link Here – http://createwpsite.com/special-deals/

No doubt blogging has become a great source of income, information and communication in this wordpress blog tutorial for beginners 2017 – Just Google your interest and you will find a bunch of blogging sites from there you can get all the latest and old news about your interest. Also the bloggers who provide you all this information earn from there blogs. As much as your blog is authentic as much it gives you a solid income. Which means blogging gives end to end benefits. One hand your users are satisfying, on the other hand you are getting the reward of your hard work. But question is how to start a blog? If you are a newbie and want to know that what the rocket science behind blogging is, then this article is surely for you.

If you want to build a blog then this wordpress blog tutorial for beginners 2017 will be perfect for you, there are five main steps that you should follow. It is not as difficult as you think; you just need to keep some technical points in your mind and work on it according to your approach. The main five steps are:

The first and most important thing is to choose your blogging platform. If you are developer you can create your own platform using any dynamic language like PHP or C# and also by following my WordPress blog tutorial for beginners 2017. But do you know about a product name WordPress? If not then don’t worry, now we will talk about WordPress. Now a day WordPress have become the hot cake for blogging purpose. Different surveys say approximately 82 million users are active on WordPress. It gives thousands of add-ons and plug-ins for development purpose and also has variety of designs and layouts. You can design your site as you want, but you should know that your website is designed in such a way so it can attract the users; therefore, you should aware of the latest changes in the field of web designing. If you have no knowledge about it then may be your website could not attract the users and you lost the chance to earn a hansom income. There are also some other alternatives of WordPress like tumbler and blogger, but WordPress has a distinct advantage over of its alternatives as you’ll learn in this wordpress Blog tutorial for beginners 2017.

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Now you have moved to second step and this step in this wordpress blog tutorial for beginners 2017 is also very important in which you have to decide that which type of hosting will be good for your blog, whether a paid web hosting or free. WordPress, tumbler and blogger all are providing free web hosting.

Domain Name

In your domain name the name of brand will also be added like abc.wordpress.com.

You cannot fully customize your blog. Also you cannot upload all the data that you want to show everyone in this wordpress blog tutorial for beginners 2017. Even you get the free themes of WordPress.

Fact is you are not completely own your blog. Your blog is hosted by third party, it can delete whenever third party want. Note that these companies have deleted the blogs before and they will delete the blogs in future. Companies have its own reasons so your work is actually in danger it can be deleted any time. If you properly buy a hosting service and domain name then you have all the rights of your blog. No free labels, no limitations and no one can delete you blog, you can start your blog name with your own will and it with .com, .org or .cu whatever you want. So I will strongly recommended in our wordpress blog tutorial for beginners 2017 that you to buy you own hosting instead of using a free one.

So here is the next step to choose the domain of your blog. Before we talk about domain first of all you need to understand the difference between the web hosting and domain.

Domain is the name of your blog, which shows in URL of your web browser like www.abc.com.

Web hosting
It is a specific space in server that is provide to you so that you can store your blog in it.

That is the difference between the domain and hosting. While getting the domain name in the wordpress blog tutorial for beginners 2017 so try to choose as simple name as you can. No need to choose a technical name, instead try to choose a simple word. Because a user cannot remember complicate name for a long time. The number of words in your domain name should also less than seven. Check these two sites www.tnw.com www.thenextweb.com in this wordpress blog tutorial for beginners 2017 and then tell me which link you can remember easily? There are many different companies that are providing hosting and domain services in different rates, you can choose one of them according to your budget. These companies will also guide you about How to install WordPress on your cPanel of your hosting.


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    Wow! this was an amazing video! It really helped me as a beginner! You are the real MVP! Thank You!

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